Weeknotes #2

Where are we / me now?

The beta release of our new (incentives) system is due out for testing in the next three weeks or so. Given that I’ve been working on this project since 2007, I can’t tell you just how exciting this is to me. I’m also back working with my old pal Andy Thomas who’s such an ace product designer/manager and all-round committed good guy, that I’m full to brimming right now.

The nature of capital, and how it’s valued, is half art/half science

Where do we / I want to be?

Well my biggest challenge is juggling the here and the now (migration from a legacy system to a new system) with the future need to ensure that we’re organised for the long-term to continue to grow our following in a sustainable fashion. We need to manage our growth, and invest in it. It’s a continual battle to make the case for investment but we’re definitely getting better at that. It helps that we’re adamant that as much as is humanly possible is invested into Stoke and North Staffs so that the objects of our org can be delivered as soon as possible.

How do we get there?

I’ve covered most of this above. So, to keep it brief

  1. Migrate users from A to B
  2. Make a plan that builds on our partnership success thus far, probs around social prescribing but TBC
  3. Continue to refine our investment pitch/revenue model (SaaS) and boil it down to a dozen or so slides
  4. Begin to focus on the governance end of things — who gets to decide what we invest in? How to we make decisions? That sort of thing. (This is really R&D stuff)
  5. Keep working with the tech community that Andy’s in charge of — get them even more bought into what we’re doing and why
  6. Play to our strengths, and work as a team (thanks Jake Cliffe for a great weeks work)
Thanks for reading my blog!



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Mike Riddell

Mike Riddell

I’m a regeneration practitioner working in Stoke and North Staffs. People, place, tech — it’s all in the mix!