My friend Jennifer Spice has given me permission to publish her poem on 21st century poverty.

Poverty comes in many guises,

those suffering do their best to disguise it;

the stigma; the shame; the whispering names;

always from behind,

losing the game;

got no voice;

even less choice; day after day feels the same;

diet is poor; can barely afford;

health poorer,

often ignored;

stress levels high;

prices higher.

Christmas, ugh,

timing is flawed.

“Live ones best life”

feels like a joke;

kids hungry; can’t have;

because you are so broke.

Jennifer Spice 16.12.21

(£16.69 bank balance, 11 days til payday; 3 kids, 3 cats, a dog and myself to feed….3 days food in cupboards)… better get creative!

Photo courtesy of @photomoments