Poverty Poetry by Jenn Spice

My friend Jenn is a poet, and not very good with tech.

So occasionally I will publish her poetry here on Medium to give it a chance to be received by someone other than just me. Here it is, it’s called Open Minds:

Open Minds:

Needy. Poverty. Poor:

are words people abhor; we’re: skint, or we’re broke;

brassic, no peas;

out of dosh; need a note; things are tight;

a bit tricky; where’s a quid? and, I quote:

“money’s too tight to mention,”

in many a home,

not enough to go round; no chance of a loan; phone’s on the fritz;

UC actioned a sanction; “we all gotta eat!”

Food Banks pop-up; volunteers,

bridge lack of action…

by those holding coin; sat on mountains of waste;

shame on the system! make change, now,

with much haste. Jenn Spice 23.11.21 for Raising Voices, Changing Minds, Ending Poverty.

“Shame on the system”. Indeed.

— Mike

I’m a regeneration practitioner working in Stoke and North Staffs. People, place, tech — it’s all in the mix!