The Counter Community network is transitioning to become The #bekind Community Benefit Society. Has also secured important property rights.

“Designed in ‘Castle, Made In Stoke”

Counter Community Network is transitioning to become a community owned and managed regeneration vehicle for the seven towns of North Staffs: Burslem, Fenton, Hanley, Longton, Newcastle, Stoke & Tunstall, the legal entity for which will be a community benefit society, with an asset lock. Counter Community will shortly be renamed as “The #bekind Community Benefit Society” and will trade as The #bekind Collective”.

It is also announced that The #bekind Collective has secured exclusive intellectual property rights to use the registered trademarks of:

  1. “#bekind” in respect of Class 35: retail services relating to furniture, jewelry (sic), fabrics, bags, clothing, yarns, cookware, furnishings, toys, home textiles, musical instruments, cups and glasses, festive decorations, printed matter, art materials, clothing/accessories, bakery products and gardening products; and,
  2. “CounterCoin” in respect of Class 9: Downloadable computer software for blockchain technology and Class 36: Virtual currency services; financial services.

The #bekind Collective is attending CoinfestUK on 27th November where it expects to make another important announcement in relation to Burslem aka the Mother town.

The heart of the soul of the north

I’m a regeneration practitioner working in Stoke and North Staffs. People, place, tech — it’s all in the mix!